About Dr. Burle

Dr. R.J. Burle, DC.

“I maintain a relaxed, no-rush atmosphere. I listen closely to your concerns and adjust based on your feedback.”

Dr. R.J. Burle has over 20 years experience and is skilled in both Traditional Chiropractic and the cutting edge Applied Kinesiology. He uses techniques involving realignment of the spine and other bones, and the gentler, more innovative techniques that deal with the weak and spasmed muscles that pull the bones out in the first place. His greatest skill, however, is listening to the patient and focusing on what the individual needs.

Taking the Time to Listen

He strongly believes that delivering according to what the patient wants allows them to heal faster. He uses a whole-body approach to healing. He takes time with his patients, learning not just about the pain that has brought them to the office, but about their ideas of good health and what they want for their body and life.

Beyond Chiropractic

Dr. Burle was born in Missouri, spending part of his childhood in Virginia and overseas in Korea traveling as an Army family with his father. R.J. himself served six years in the Marines. An avid martial arts practitioner and primative skills teacher, R.J. takes physical health and attention to nature seriously. He is also a novelist, writing adventure stories that use his practical real life skills as a basis for bringing reality to his imaginative fiction. He is most importantly a husband and father working all things to support his loving family. He likes to get to know his patients not as just their injury or illness, but as the people they are as well.