Pregnancy & Pediatric Care


Chiropractic care is for everyone.

Children of all Ages

No child is too young to benefit from chiropractic care. Think of all the times children fall down, run into the table, sleep with their necks twisted over the edge of the bed. Their bones and muscles are just as susceptible to pain and injury as an adult. Help your children feel their best and be their most healthy self. Regular care can also help them avoid the chronic problems that plague adults by getting an early start.

Among so many other things, chiropractic care has been proven to aide in the reduction of ear infections, symptoms of asthma, and to boost the immune system.

“I use very gentle pressure on children. The idea that chiropractic care is forceful and scary doesn’t exist in my office. I have four children of my own whom I have cared for all their lives. I love having kids come into the office.”  Dr. Burle

 Dr. Burle’s own daughter, Delia.

“I’m a father. I know how important it is to keep your children well and I’ve adjusted my own children since infancy. The best thing you can do is help their bodies be strong enough to fight off illness and heal quickly from injury.”


Care During Pregnancy and Beyond

photo of pregnant woman touching her stomach

Chiropractic is wonderful during pregnancy as well, keeping the body strong and alleviating pain and stress associated with pregnancy. Hormones released during pregnancy cause the ligaments that hold the bones in place to relax. The pelvic bones (foundation of the spine) are especially affected. Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT) aligns these pelvis bones by letting you relax on cushioned wedges.

“My wife and I have four children, so that’s four pregnancies that I’ve been personally invested in. I have seen in both with my wife, and my pregnant patients just how much regular Chiropractic care can benefit the mind and body.”

Continued care after the baby is born is extremely important for moms as well. Motherhood is a tough job and it can be hard on the body and spirit at times. Regular chiropractic care keeps moms well and a healthy. A happy mom is one of the best things for a child.