What to Expect

What to Expect from Your Visit


Dr. Burle provides the extra time and attention that you need to chart your course back to good health. You will find that your adjustment is personalized to address your body’s needs on each visit.

On your first visit, you and Dr. Burle will discuss your medical and treatment history, you will be able to ask questions and talk about your plan of action. You will receive an adjustment during this visit so that you can begin your road to recovery and good health right away.

Subsequent visits will be recommended based on your body’s needs. Dr. Burle knows that your time and money are valuable, so there are no contracts and lengthy schedules of visits. Dr. Burle prescribes to the philosophy that if you are not feeling significantly better after 3 visits, you are welcome to seek treatment elsewhere and not feel obligated to continue to see him. Most patients DO experience significant improvement quickly.

Wellness Care is recommended to keep your body functioning well. After your initial injury or illness is addressed, Dr. Burle will talk to you about scheduling shorter, but more frequent wellness care at a lower fee if you would like. People who receive regular chiropractic care report less injury and overall better well being.

Availability: The number you call when you call the office is not an answering service. The person who picks up is Dr. Burle himself. When you leave a message if you miss him, it’s Dr. Burle who listens to it and calls you back. He has access to the schedule and will fit you in as soon as possible to make sure you are well cared for.

“Your health is important to me. I love my job and I love seeing my patients smile when their pain is eased.” Dr. Burle