Traditional Chiropractic

This method aligns the spinal cord, allowing clear communication between the brain, through the nerves, and to the organs and muscles. This is the type of chiropractic that sometimes results in the classic “pop” people associate with adjustments. Dr. Burle is gentle in his approach especially concerning the neck which is often a concern for people new to chiropractic. Feel free to let him know if you’d like to him to “go for the pop” or to go easy.

Applied Kinesiology

By manually testing the strength of muscles, we can locate deeper problems in the body. Kinesiology balances the overworked and weak muscles to help prevent bones from misaligning in the first place. By allowing the muscles to work together it also allows a gentler adjustment because the patient’s body is allowed to heal itself.

Sacral Occipital Technique

SOT is a gentle technique that focuses on the relation between the pelvis and the cranial bones. It also incorporates reflexive techniques for helping with the improvement of the function of specific organs.